Sunday, March 18, 2007

Entry for March 18, 2007

Well, I did up a check-list of what I need done for my FoW Japanese and checked off what is finished. Bummer..... Platoon #1 is finished except for the Lt Mortars (which will be finished tomorrow), a couple of stands for Platoons #2 & 3 and Platoon #4 is 75% finished. Looks like I scatter gun it, not using the marked sticks for figure painting in numerical order. I need two more stands of HMG's and they are done but NOTHING ELSE is!?! I need to speed up the process.

Order a bunch of cheap Osprey books from that site Tim e-mailed me about. The extra 20% discount at the end was SWEET! Also put myself on the list for Volumes #1 & #2 of the Mahdist Wars Source books when they are ready. More info on the Sudan! YIPPEE!
Also re-working the garage (AGAIN) to maximize my storage space. Coming along nicely and I will work on it some more tomorrow and work on my Japanese as well, painting and finishing the 3 stands of Light Mortars for Platoon #1, all while doing laundry. Then for my next trick, a rabbit out of my butt....


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