Sunday, March 4, 2007

Entry for March 4, 2007

Well, the Japanese Infantry grind on! I have one base ready to be spray flatted, one ready for dry brushing and then foliage, and 4 sticks of figures ready to be based! So it's onward and upward we go. And I need to finish the last 2 HMG bases, give them a Command Stand and it's done!!

It's fun on the LotOW WWII site Tim set up. Looking at the rules and working out stuff. As I am NOT getting into another project just yet....I can look at stuff, make ideas & suggestions but no figure work....just yet.

Copied the 4 page quick n' dirty Warhammer Colonial. Look like a snap to re-work to LotOW, but to do it in 28mm.


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