Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Entry for March 07, 2007

Another nice CoD 2 screenshot with me armed w/a BAR. Anyway today (IE March 6th) was a good day for the Japanese Army. 2 bases flatted and 4 more infantry bases + one Command base to be sprayed in the morning. And more! 4 sticks of figure just needing brown & black washes and then they'll be ready for bases! So the Infantry are maybe 40 - 45% done? More sticks of figures need to made, primed and gotten under way.
And the HMG's are 50% done. I think I'll leave the ammo clips off the gun and finish the last two bases. Too easy to break off, so I'll just put brass next top the gun. It would work better in 25-28mm but in 15mm, it's too small to be worth it.

Also doing any experiment with a spare Dervish figure as I am not happy with how the white on their jibbeh is coming out. The washes just don't look the way I want on them...I'm trying a light to medium grey undercoat with a white heavy dry-brush to see what I get. And after the Mahdists, it's the turn of the British in their grey serge uniforms. They'll be a snap!


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