Thursday, March 8, 2007

Entry for March 08, 2007

Got all done yesterday, have 4 more stands that need painting then flocking tomorrow and 4 more sticks are ready for basing. ON ROLL! boo ya! Still more to do but the end, at least of the infantry is in sight...way the heck down there! The Command stands should be easy. And each platoon gets 3 stands of grenade dischargers, but the are 2 man stands each and are starting along quite well already.

On the HMG's, I'm giving up on the ammo tray. Too fiddley and easy to break. 2 more stands of them and 1 Command and it's done. I have the HMG's done, just need 2 crew w/ammo. Then it's off to do my artillery, 20mm A/A guns and Heavy Mortars.

Now talk of 28mm WWI looms in the future....and this weekend is FoW with Tim and Mark....


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