Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Entry for May 30, 2007

Well, Gamex has come and gone, and work on my Japanese, to get them to completion continues. Once again I'm out of medium FoW bases, so I'm calling Brookhurst in the morning to see if they have any. I need them for my heavy mortars, etc.
Well, I need to remember any "special" goodies the Japanese can do and prioritize my targets much better in the future, as that short (but to the point) game I had with Tim's Marines at the Con showed. 37mm guns with canister is mucho deadly! And I need to start a search for more guns, howitzers, tanks for my forces. Always good to have everything in case you need it! I need alot of horses & limbers for my Japanese as well. Something to tow all the guns, etc.

The LOTR games both went very well. The Sunday games was mostly young kids with parents. Some didn't make it all the way through but 1/2 the kids stuck it out, found all the Hobbits and didn't do anything too silly. I wish I could have playing in some of Ed's THW games, but I never got the chance. Watching was fun, I wish my photo hand was steadier so more of the shots would be good. Tripod time!!!

I also picked up some Askari Miniatures as they had really nice 28mm Tuareg's and Pathans. Getting that old feeling of wanting to wander away from my Japs, but I'm not. The Askari Minis get put into a box and put on the projects list for after finishing the Japanese Army list I've done.

Let's see...

Need two more HMG stands
Finish & base my heavy 81mm mortars
Finish & base 20mm AA guns
Do last 2 snipers
3 stands as "Tank Hunter" teams (even if Tim isn't fielding tanks yet, halftraks are good targets..)
I have the stuff for 2 more objective markers
Do 20mm AT gun teams (3 guns/ 1 observer is a team<4> + Command stand)

Maybe more..have to check...bed time


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