Thursday, May 24, 2007

Entry for May 24, 2007

Printing some stuff right now for our LOTR game and then it's off to bed. THE JAPANESE INFANTRY IS OFFICIALLY DONE! My 70mm artillery will be done tomorrow, as far as the guns themselves. The observation team for them is also done. However, it needs a Command rifle stand (in production) and an artillery staff team (just started). It's a mistake I believe, as the Gun Platoon has NO Artillery staff, just a Observer Team. The Artillery Platoon on the other hand, has a Command Rifle, Observer and Staff team. The Gun Platoon needs a Staff as well, as who does the Observer report to? I plan a Artillery Platoon in future, and I need 4x 75mm and 4x 150mm guns to have all the options. And a Tank Company is in the future as well.

The destroyed Stuart is ready for it's flat finish and it's done. I didn't paint it up as much as I might like, but it's a objective marker and if I get too anal I'll never finish it. 2 of 4 snipers are done. The 47mm AT guns are not going to get finished by the Con, but I'm still going 100% on them to get my basic forces finished. The 20mm AA guns are in production. I forgot about the 81mm heavy mortars which are 60% finished. I'll give it my best shot but I have all of Thursday and part of Friday, so we'll see.

Most everything is together and ready to go. One problem I had not thought of was that I need alot more trays to transport my FoW Japanese. I'll try to be if I can get more at Brookhurst. I need about 4-5 more 1 1/2" trays for the infantry, etc. I'll call and see if they have any. If not, I'll make do somehow. Tim is counting on me to bring as much as I can.


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