Monday, May 21, 2007

Entry for May 21, 2007

Let all men rejoice! let the horns be sounded! THE JAPANESE INFANTRY IS FINISHED (well, except for finishing one last rifle/LMG stand which just needs painting & flocking.) I have to finish the last two HMGS and their Command Stand. I got a lot done today, as I had to get up earlier than usual due to my wife having a tooth pulled while being knocked out. So I had to drive her home and while she was sleeping, I got the 2nd sniper ready to go, attached the destroyed Stuart to it's base after covering it in colored Liqutex, attached & based the artillery (paint and attach the arty tomorrow) and based a Command Stand. I also got 2 of the 47mm AT gun stands under way. I attached a bit of branch as a log for one and the other made a "C" shape in green stuff to which I plugged in paint brush brishess for reeds.

Seems a difference between the Infantry and the Tank Company listings. On the tank I get 2 more AT guns (total of 4) and I get 4 20mm AA guns. I'll have to see if I'm lucky and can find anything at the Con, but I'm not holding my breath

Back to the little metal men tomorrow!


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