Thursday, May 24, 2007

Entry for May 24, 2007

Well, the artillery guns are done, the destroyed Stuart is done. All the rest will have to wait until after the Con, which starts tomorrow. I am also bring all my Italians, so some may act as proxy for what isn't yet finished. But I am going back to it after the Con.

Interesting watching John Wayne in "The Fighting Seebees" and "Back to Bataan". Kind of get me into the FoW Pacific gaming mood. I was also keeping an eye on the Japanese uniforms & equipment and noted for a pair of wartime movies, they looked quite accurate. The uniforms didn't have all the bags, etc. but the ammo pouched and bayonet scabbard looked correct. And the machine guns looked correct as well. As they are in B&W I couldn't tell the uniform color, but it appeared not to be a dark color. The Japanese tanks were of course, mock-ups but didn't look to different from some tanks they did have! And at the end of "Back to Bataan" they used a couple of Stuarts as Japanese tanks. As the Japanese did capture and use some Stuarts in the Philippines, it isn't such a bad scene to watch knowing that. However, the Sherman coming after them....

TTFN - Till after Gamex 2007

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