Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Weasal Painting

Well, the high double and low triple digit heat wave has not helped my painting. It is difficult to work in the heat and I am very pooped by nightfall, so get less done then, when it is cooler. However, all the FFL, Beni and Rick are done, see above. I plan to really get going on the mounted Turegs tomorrow, Sunday. Most of the horses are done, as well as the regular mounted figures. The Mounted Command is next. Those Old Glory figures can be really crappy, as 3-4 of the mounted swordsmen had to be converted due to sword breakage. One became a standard bearer and should look quite nice when finished. I am NOT going to get into how bad the horses are...Gggrrr....
Also a source of disappointment is the Sabol SD-Combat mat. Really nice look on it, a very 3-D look of a desert but on one of the short ends of the mat, all the way across is repeated their website and "SD-Combatmat" in white letter, 3.5" from the mat end (otherwise I would cut it off . I was thinking of returning it to the hobby store for a refund, but the photo print is just good enough for me to keep it and see if somehow I can cover the printing up.

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