Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gateway 2009 Over & Done!

And so another Strategicon is over & done. The Battle of Hamunaptra, demo game for Chain Reaction 3.0 (Two Hour Wargames) went very well and the terrain looked great! The French Foreign Legion survived but too some losses. Only had 3 players (one of them Mark) but everyone had a great time so I am happy! The Flames of War game Harold ran (Battle of Prokorovka) I was Chief Helper Monkey on and the players had a good time (Germans won) and it was a great scenario, and can easily be run again at another Con.

Now that I'm not so pressed for time, I will finish the last of the Mounted Arabs & Foot Figures.
After that, I should really get back to & finish my Basti for WGoE and the extra Artillery Staff for my Italians (FoW). I need to go by Brookhurst and get the new AFRIKA book to see what to do with my Italians, as thing have changed in how my army is structured.
Plotting & planning for the February Con is well underway and I plan to do The Sword & The Flame with all my Brits & Dervishes. Just need to figure a scenario and what is need vs. what I have. I also have alot of figures to paint to add to what I have, so I can get started on them. I can also paint more 15mm to add to my Patrols in the Sudan stuff.

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