Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready for the Gateway 2009

The Semovente's Advance! From the Flames of War game on Sunday (8/9) at Aero Hobbies. It was a bit of a strange game....Germans vs Germans & Italians (Didn't have any Allies to beat on). Due to time constraints the game ended before Turn 6, in a Draw. How, my Italian's did well, rolled REALLY well and were left more alone due to the fact that the Germans players tanks were more of a threat than mine! HA! It was a great game.
My Turegs are all finished (check) and my French Foreign Legion in the classic uniform done (check). Egyptian terrain borrowed from Tim (THANKS!!!) and with the terrain I have should be enough and I plan to play set-up tomorrow. The extra French Foreign Legion in white Summer campaign uniforms (no back-packs) arrived and have been attached to bases and primed grey. Painting them will start tomorrow. Their uniforms will be painted to match the uniforms used in the movie, "The Mummy", in the battle at the ruins of Hamunaptra in the beginning of the movie. White shirt and hat, light brown pants, black leather equipment and boots. The figure for Beni has not arrived yet, but should soon I hope. My re-supply of bases from Litko has arrived today. The figure for Rick O'Connell has been attached to a base, primed and the paint job has been started. Photos to follow.
Not sure, but I may have to paint my foot Berbers figures as well, just in case.


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