Tuesday, August 18, 2009

French Foreign Legion, Beni & O'Connell

Work beings on the figures needed. The first picture is of 2 (almost) finished Askari French Foreign legion (Summer Uniform) behind a wall. The next is a picture of the figure I have started which is becoming Beni (Artizen-Renegade Legionnaires II) and the last is the Reaper figure talked about in a earlier post that I swapped one hand to replace the .45 with a pistol. That will be O'Connell and should be finished in a couple of days. The FFL should also be done right quick. And executive decision was made to paint them in the FFL white Summer campaign uniform. In the movie, The Mummy, some of the soldiers appear to be in that uniform (all white) and others appear to have light tan/brown pants (instead of white). So make it easier to paint, and after asking my wife (a non-gamer who can have good insight if I am over-engineering a project) I went with the Summer uniform for everyone.

Then it's the massive paint of Arabs, on foot and mounted. Time to get the drill out to drill horses & riders for pinning (OH JOY!!) and I have 30+ mounted to do. They are going be painted like the movie, Black robes, white turban and under shirt, maybe with some variation. As I have begun basing dead/wounded Arabs and will base wounded/dead Legionnaires after that. 18 foot figure have been based and primed. They will be painted after the FFL are done.
Terrain - I have everything I need, with exception of a bigger mat (I have a 4x6 and I might need a 5x8).
I also need to start play test ASAP to see about ranges, distances, etc.

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