Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Entry for February 20, 2007

And now Orccon 2007 is over. No, I didn't get all my Japanese finished but I am still working on them and will get them finish ASAP, as well as my Colonials. Off to Tim's this Friday I believe..
Not 100% happy with the NUTS! game, but all those that played said they had a great time, so whether I liked how it went isn't that important I guess. I would have done it a little bit differently, but hey, it's Bruce's mat, figures, scenario so he gets to run it his way. Difference of gaming philosophy at work here. Both the Saturday and Sunday games ran till the cow's came home but the players (all of them Saturday and most Sunday) made it to the end. And thus was the threat of the 88mm AT gun ended!

Picked up Warhammer Historical's "Legends of the Old West" and a couple of the supplements. Great Wild West game based on the LOTR system and can be used for French & Indian, ACW, WoI, etc. I'm going to put it on the "ideas" list for future consideration. Could be used for space as well, just replace armor saves with adds to Toughness, Light Armor +1 and Heavy Armor +2, Powered Armor +3, etc .


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