Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Entry for February 13, 2007

Still trying but I think I'm not going to get real close to finishing my entire Japanese Force by the Con. I got more medium bases from Tim to work with but life is getting in the way. Denise was off work today (some President's birthday) but she broke a tooth! Looks like an tooth with a really old filling gave up the ghost. Being a Monday (plus a holiday), the dentist wasn't in and didn't respond to a emergency page message. So maybe tomorrow she can get it taken care of.

Still, I have got to go to the grocery store tomorrow but then it's back to the garage for more figures to file & get ready for priming. Some stuff is ready to be based and so it will be done! Not slowing down on this. If not by the Con then soon thereafter.

TTFN...off to bed

PS - Screenshot from CoD2 above.

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