Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Entry for February 07, 2007

So the boggy banquet at Johnny Reb's has come & gone and was great as usual. Today WAS going to get more done but Karen's kids came by as they had forgotten their keys so I let them in. Ended up being their awhile, as Ian picked my brain about gaming ideas and Ciorstan wanted to show me the artwork she had done so far and ask my opinion on it. She's become as good artist in pencils and arcylics but she is trying too hard to get it right in one go. Told her it takes time to learn to get it right. She had problems she said with the skin and hair color so I told her I have had problems as well. Takes time...

So I posting this after midnight I'm now 50.....BFD. Doesn't get the figures done so I have to get on the stick so it's off to bed and be a paintin' fool tomorrow! I have ONE, count it ONE squad done so far... frakkin' infantry....


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