Friday, December 14, 2007

Entry for December 14, 2007

Quick entry...

After a quick check of things, using "A Sky Full of Ships" as opposed to "Full Thrust".

2 Reasons:
Star Trek TOS included in lists on other websites

The rules are still in some use. There is a YAHOO site and the full set of rules was just done in 2006. 80% of the "Full Thrust" sites are DOWN!

After getting the rules via download (and spending a whole $7.50) I printed them ad they are quick, easy and good to use. They are about the same as the rules set I used at one of the Cons some years ago. Then I used the Galactic Knight & DLD ship.s This time my Star trek TOS ones. And I can use more of the "GK" ships, if I get more of them to play with. Just have to read the rules, and move the ships around a bit to get the feel back.

Maybe this weekend, I can use Tim & Harold as "guinea pigs" ...errr...playtesters!


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