Friday, December 7, 2007

Entry for December 07, 2007

OK - Time for battle plan!

For the Con, I'm getting what I need to "The Temple of Caltiki" and see if I can get it ready enough by the end of the year.

If not, fall back on doing "Full Thrust" Star Trek TOS and send the info to Jose. I doubt, but it is possible, I could also have enough of my Colonial stuff ready to go. So I have 2 fall back plans, one I already have enough stuff (FT-ST TOS), Plan B and a "maybe" Plan C, if Plan A, The Temple falls through, which, give the time left is highly possible. A "Plan D" could be FoW Desert as well. We all have enough stuff and the boards, if they work, will be ready by then.
I've ordered the natives from the War Web I want and just have to figure what I want from "Pulp Miniatures" and order those.

Having another desert FoW game on Saturday with Tim, Mark & Harold. This time the Axis attack and the Allies defend.


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