Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Entry for November 27, 2007

And so Tim and my 1st attempt to use Blue Foam and MDF to make sectional game boards goes down into history (or was it lunacy?) Anyway, further attempts will be made to make them work (who knew that 2' x2' MDF and foam could be such a pain !

I went down to the going out of business sale at The Game Castle in Anahiem and pick a bunch of figs at uber discounts (Reaper 50% off). So I have more un-painted lead and some other stuff.
I just can't get my little brain around painting my Basti for Wargods. My Muse has gone on vacation for them...so far. The Sobeki are primed. And I have been making smoke and dust markers for our FoW desert games (at least that is going great !) And we need to work out what the we are going to run at the Con. I can do the Temple of Caltiki but I need to order the figs to get started on them NOW! Or maybe a something else...Sigh....


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