Friday, November 23, 2007

Entry for November 23, 2007

OK, so I've got a new bunny, besides all the old ones!

Got an idea inspired for a phone call from Bruce some days ago. He we were talking about the Con in February and if he was going to be there (not sure at this time) and made mention of a older game we did, "Rumble in the Jungle". That stuck in my mind and one morning under the influence of a large cup of coffee and a hot shower, my brain went into over-drive. "Rumble in the Jungle, Part II The Temple of CALTIKI!" And that little idea has had help as I found a older copy of "Wargames Miniatures" magazine with a scenario in it, "The Temple of Toltec" ...hehehehehehhehehehehe I need to get the figures for it (a list in im progress) and I already have the terrain! And as the 1st game was done using CR 2.0, so would this one, as I know the rules very well after all this time. It also works well for a Pulp/CoC type game.

Also sent my order to The War Store for all the Perry Miniatures I want (at this time). I just needed more British & Command for them, plus a Gardner gun & crew. I have all the Fuzzy-Wuzzies I need right now, except Command figures and a mounted Amir, which I got. And some more stuff for my Mid-War FoW Italians forces. German anti-tank guns are always a welcome addition!

A bit of cash was spent ($250.00 approx) as this was their "Black Friday" sale, take an additional 5% off their usually discounted prices.


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