Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Entry for November 13, 2007

Well, the game on the 11th (Sunday) went well. Had a great time even if we did totally finish the game (Turn 4 of 6). Harold lost steam around 3:30pm and had to go home, so we went off to Brookhurst to spend $$ and keep the American economy strong!

As of the end of turn 4 the British won, as they had possession of the of both objectives. If we could have played longer it might have ended differently as we could have had some of our reserves hit the board.. Next time!

Got my copy of "In the Footsteps of Legions" the supplement for "I ain't been shot Mum!" for the Mediterranean and African Campaigns. OK, a little lean on details on the OOB for everyone & some of the material appears to be written as if the reader knows more than they might on the armies, vehicles, etc. involved (Example: 2pdr tank guns have no HE rounds. OK which British tanks have 2 pdrs?? The gun the tank's main gun isn't listed). Suffers from the same problem FoW has, not telling you who had what when during the campaigns. Still some useful info never-the-less.

Need to get my Wargods stuff done & out of the way to work 100% on the new stuff (and old) I have for my Italians. And we need to get going on what we are doing for the game Con in February!


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