Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Entry for September 05, 2007

And so the Con has come and gone....moving back to where it was before. Had a blast, helping Tim with his table in the Dealer's Room and selling his and Harold's stuff. Didn't get to play FoW tho...but that didn't matter. As the hotel was undergoing much work on the ballrooms, we were stuffed upstairs on the 2nd floor and there wasn't much room for miniatures (or anything else for that matter!)

After the Dealer's Room closed on Saturday and we were all fed (El Pollo Loco for free!) Hugh set up a colonial game, the British trying to get civilians to safety during the Indian Mutiny. I ran a 5 man unit of British and did my best to keep the bloody wogs off of our left flank. I succeeded, but lost 3 men in the process (posthumous VC's). He used a "Free Kriegspiel" form of house rules, quick & fun.

On Saturday I also watched a demo game of "War Gods of Aegyptus" and liked the look of the game and so got a copy of the rules (a copy with some minor printing errors for $15.00) and played a demo Sunday (I won!) using the new Spartans with the play test rules. So I then got a Sobeki (crocodile men) war band as I loved the look of the figures. I guess that "war Gods" and 28mm Colonial are my "Wargames Du Jour" as Tim would say.

I plan to finish my Japanese FoW 20mm AA in the next couple of days. And then do the 20mm ATR's. If the ROF of a stand is what is listed on the equipment list of the Army, no matter how many weapons are on the stand, then I'll just do 4 stands with one weapon each. And then my FoW Japanese are DONEfor the moment (tanks are next on the agenda for them).
And then it's on to WGoE and Colonials..Wwweee! And starting to clear my garage with some ruthlessness!


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