Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Entry for September 18, 2007

Mr. Harold wasn't up to going to Tim's so I went without him. Got my To-tanem brushed with dark gray and some other stuff done.

Worked alot on thing today. My To-tanem unit is approx. 50% completed and I need to drill, pin and assemble all my Sobeki figures. The Basti and next and maybe the most difficult to paint, being cat-people and all, to get the way I like it. Must finish the 20mm AA command stand for my Japanese and get the 20mm ATR guys glued on stick & ready for priming.

Got some samples I ordered from Castaway Arts in Australia yesterday. Nice figures, but not nice enough. They work with the OG figs size wise, but the pose or "action" of the figure is lack-luster compared to the OG figs, and they cost more too. So like it or not, OG appears to be the way to go, maybe using CA figs to fill in spots where needed.

Watched my newly arrived copies of "Khartoum" the "The Four Feathers" (1939) to help get me in a Colonial frame of mind. Both great movies in their own ways. All the Mahdist's in Khartoum had Jibbeh's and no Fuzzy-Wuzzies. But LOTS of extras. The Four Feathers had FW and Ansar but not enough of them (IMHO). Still, the combat and uniforms were neat! So soon it's time to get the 28mm Colonial action started (and my 15mm Colonial finished).


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