Monday, July 30, 2007

Entry for July 30, 2007

Having a lot of fun with CoD2 multi-player. I am so glad I gave it another try and managed to tweak to work. I just wish the site I like would rotate in more new maps....

And the thought processes on my next project continue. I have also bought some "Old Glory" 25mm Colonials to check them out (hopefully better than the 15mm sometimes were!) Also have been downloading scenarios and terrain building ideas, printing some and putting them in a folder. As far as other things...I believe I will base all my figures on 25mm squares, for two reasons.... 1. Fits in movement trays - 2. The figure doesn't look 'crowded" on the base. 28mm figs look really "crowded" on a 20mm base.

And I can use them based that way for The Sword & the Flame, Rampant Colonialism and most anything, even LotOW (Yes, Legends uses 25mm rounds but it doesn't really matter. Besides, it's easier to get figures lines up with squares and I like the look better.) And I can get 25mm squares by the boatload from Litko.

So when my samples arrive, I'll make some figure comparisons and make some more decisions. One I've made is get this show on the road faster is make 10 figure units to start. TS&TF use 20 man units but that's a s**tload of work and the harder a project looks in the beginning, the easier it is to get distracted and fly off....


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