Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Entry for July 24, 2007

Had a blast last weekend, going with Tim and his son to see TRANSFORMERS!
The plot was as I expected, but it definitely had what I wanted, which was jaw-dropping CGI scenes of Autobots & Decepticons fighting! I LOVED IT! Now they can most definitely do a live-action MACROSS, BATTLE- TECH, etc. HUZZAH!

Started major thought processes on my next project, after I finish the last bits of my 15mm Japanese List for FoW which appears to be 28mm French Foreign Legion by Askari minatures. I have thought about Perry miniatures, but the cost is prohibitive. Oh yes, I will also finish my 15mm PITTS armies as well. Hopefully I will get back in the garage and to work, if the weather cools down a bit. It gets bloody hot out there and that makes it hard to paint.


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