Thursday, July 26, 2007

Entry for July 26, 2007

A moth is as a moth does? Or would this be butterfly??? Anyway, after looking at the cost of Askari figs, and answering a question if Ral Partha Colonials are still around (and they are) on a YAHOO Colonial gaming site, my sights have switched from French Foreign Legion back to either the Sudan or Northwestern Frontier for my 25/28mm Colonial project. Great Endeavors carries Ral Parthatha Colonials and the price is reasonable (10 figs for $8.50) so I ordered some samples (sounds familiar already!!) to see how they look. If they look OK, or better if I'm lucky, I'll use them.

Now the matter becomes rules, The Sword & the Flame? Rampant Colonialism? Something else? I'm leaning towards TS&TF as it is a long established set of rules and is still available.


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