Sunday, September 9, 2012

Objective Markers - Statues

  Here is how I made two statues from the Games Workshop "Ruins of Osgiliath" into objective markers for my game at the Con (Gateway2012).

  First, I got what I would need, the statues, 2x 3" Grecian Pillars (for cakes-At the time I couldn't find 1" wooden dowels, which is what I wanted to use) - 2" washer for the base and a metal plate - 1 1/4", which I have have a lot for use as figure bases on occasion.

  I then attached the metal plate to the top of the pillar
The attach the pillar to the washer
Then I glued the state to the top and had a friend who is handy with "green stuff" add a textured cover to the washer

 Then a coat of grey primer and the textured base was given a heavy black wash to highlight the cobbles/rubble on the bases.

              Then both statues were sprayed with a color that matches what was GW's "Bleached Bone"

                       Then a dry brush 1st with Off White, 2nd with White to give it the look I wanted.
                                          The base was just given a dry brush with white.

 And "TAA-DAA!" they were done! Hopefully this has been of some help to anyone out there who wants to do their own objective markers for Lord of the Rings or any other games! I am not that great of a writer...


Oh yeah....teaser photos from the Convenation games.....more next blog!