Friday, August 24, 2012

Objective Markers - Flag Bases

   For my game at  Gateway 2012 coming real soon now, I needed some objective markers for the 1st scenario, the First Assault on Cair Andros. Depending how many of these are secured by either the Good or Bad side will effect troop set-up in the 2nd game. So what to do....


 These are 30mm plastic round bases. I glued in a length of brass rod.  as the centers were recessed, I wanted to add some short of texture help it look good. So a friend of mine, Harold, who is far and away better in using that 2 part epoxy stuff than me, offered his services to make a textured base for not only these but for the bases of the statues.


   I added a Gondorian shield to one and a spear point (of shorts, I told you I'm not very good) on the other. Then black primed them and painted the stones gray & white, poles brown and the Gondorian shield it's usual black & white.

    You can see one of them finished in this photo of what is going to be the ruined keep area. I just printed the flag in color, touched it up with some paint and it's done! The other one will be finished soon. And in my next installment I will cover the statues.



  1. I love your statues and objective markers - great idea and well executed. I will follow your blog.


  2. Thank You for your kind words! And I hope you enjoy my blog!