Sunday, September 30, 2012

2nd Assault on Cair Andros - Sunday

   On Sunday at Gateway September 2012 the 2nd Assault on Cair Andros occurred. The end result of the Saturday game was that the Gondorian defenders fell back to the remaining keep and lost control to all but one of the objectives they needed to hold. Thus the Forces of Mordor were allowed to set up on the other side of the wall anywhere but no closer than 6" to the keep's wall.

   The Forces of Good were 1 Captain of Gondor (Cerik),4x  Rangers of Gondor -  4 Warriors of Minas Tirith with bow,  4 w/ spear and shield and 4w/ hand weapon & shield plus one banner

   The Forces of Evil were Gothmog (on warg) - 10  Orcs with spears  - 9 Orcs with Bows - 10 Orcs with 2 handed weapons - 1 Mordor Catapult with 3 crew - 2 Morodor Seige Bows with 2 crew - 1 Orc Shaman

         The forces of Gondor manning the walls of the keep, hoping to keep the Forces of Mordor at bay.

   One thing to know about this game is that it lasts 12 turns and the Evil Forces need to get 10 figures on the ramparts and/or within the keep on or before turn 12. Thus either the wall and/or the gate needs to be smashed before then. The Siege Bow were ruled to be unable to damage the stone wall but could shoot people off the wall (but the target gets a cover roll) or damage the wooden gate.

                         The Forces of Mordor set up next to the remains of the ruined keep

                                       One of the Mordor Siege Bows and the Catapult
                                       A Orc Shaman spires the orcs to move the battering ram up!
  The Forces of Mordor advance toward the keep under Gondorian archery. The rest of the forces have moved off the wall into the courtyard to await the orcs and keep from being hit with archery.
Still advancing to the keep - The other Siege Bow and a siege ladder, which is taking it's time to get up to the wall.
The ladder finally (!!) makes it to the wall and the battering ram is working on the gate. The chit with "2" on it is the number of batter points the gate has taken so far. The Gondorian have totally abandoned the wall to await their fate in the courtyard (see below)
"Who's knocking at my fortress door?"
The orcs are on the wall, battling with some defenders. Gothmog himself is also on the wall, cutting up Gondorian Warriors.
 The catapult has smashed through the wall! But for the Orcs, is it too little, too late as time (turns) have run  out. These last melees will be very important!
                        Gothmog and another orc with a 2 handed weapon try to clear the rampart's.
The other Orc has died in combat. Gothmog is alone facing 2 Gondorin Warriors (He's not worried at all!!)
The orcs attempt to enter the keep - part of the wall was removed to take this shot.
It's the end of the game - Turn 12 and the Orcs have lost by 2 figures!

  At the time the game was called it appeared the Orcs had only 8 of the 10 inside the keep, this included Gothmog on the rampart above. Thus it was a really good, close game. The Gondorian player was smart to pull everyone off the wall later to conserve his small force and avoid any lucky Orc archery.

Next year at the February con I hope to run OSGILIATH!



  1. Good to see the brave men of Gondor putting up more of a fight!