Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where have I Been?

Well, in July I have major dental surgery (5 bone grafts/4 teeth removed) and it has sucked the life out of me till just recently. So I have been getting back into action....

Late Romans - I have painting these for sale for a few years now and I am getting back into finishing them. This infantry is getting ready for its "Army Painter" shade treatment. More photos of them to follow...

Cargo ships based & ready for using with the "Victory at Sea" rules

British WWI Battle Cruise "Invincible". I am getting ships for using "The Age of Dreadnoughts" version of the "Victory at Sea" rules ready to play. Not quite finished yet, as the wake and a few touch-ups are required.

Looking at them from above

When my order from Litko comes in, I will do the rest of the ships I have. I also need to get the next unit of Late Romans out of the box and get them prepped to be primed and painted.

I also played a test game of the ancients rules "Hail Caesar!" at a friends house on 7/29, feeling up to it that day. On 8/7 HMGS day occurred at Aero Hobbies and I played Romans in a PIQUET - Ancient Battles and won! I will post photos of those games on this blog in the next post -


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