Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PIQUET - Battle of Archon

Here are some photos from the PIQUET - Ancient Pitched Battles - The Battle of Archon in 10mm - Romans vs (I believe) Greek Successor States army run at HMGS Day 8/7 at Aero Hobbies by the kind Mr. Greg Kildare! He and a friend of mine played the Greeks.

The Romans - ready for battle

The Greeks

The Enemy!

Natives- Indian Allies of the Greeks - Elephants
Skirmishers covering Cavalry

The Roman forces with their skirmishers in the lead - The round base is a Command base

The dreaded Greek phalanx!

Elephants advancing in front of the archers - the round base in the back is the Greek General mounted on an elephant

Elephants vs Roman Legionaries - The Romans will win this fight and make the Elephant unit run away!

The Roman skirmishers try to soften up the Greek phalanxes

I move a Heavy Roman Legion with an attached Command Base to crush the archers in melee!

Enemy Cavalry move past their skirmishers

My skirmishers melee with enemy chariots (they are just skirmishers!)
My right flank - I have a cavalry unit hit in the flank, my cavalry engages the chariots while my skirmishers take a break and watch (being unformed at this point)

The skirmishers continue to try to give the Phalanxes a hard time...

The Romans hit the phalanxes...not one of my better plans...which I decided not to do again after they where sent packing! (But were later Rallied)

My right flank again - Holding but I didn't make any of the enemy units run away and I took some losses in the process

Come on, break darn it! NO, not my units.....HIS!

Hit in the flank again...OUCH!

My Left flank, holding..

Trying to hit the flank of a phalanx (failed) but Legionaries on the top of the hill are hitting a light Greek infantry unit - on the left just next to the hill is a Roman unit that knocked a infantry unit with the attached Greek Army General out of the battle (broke the unit)

Sorry, no more photos but that was the battle as the Greek Army was out of Morale chits some time ago and couldn't rally any broken units! And as I have broken the center and the remaining center units fled, that was that!


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