Monday, December 21, 2009

The Zareba, a Grand Game!

Sorry about the delay, I have been relaxing after Historical Miniatures Gaming Day at Aero Hobbies, which happened on Sunday, December 13th. I was on a painting jag to get everything ready for The Sword and The Flame game I was going to run, getting those British cavalry done in time. They were, finished on Saturday, the day before. And as you can see above, my Anglo-Egyptian forces looked grand in the their zareba.

And here are those Hussars I was working so hard on, charging into some Fuzzy Wuzzys during the game. They had some problems getting to grips with the Madhists that game! If it wasn't the Fuzzy Wuzzy blowing there "Stand & Fight" rolls, I blew my "Charge Completion" roll (rolled a "6" on a d6 and failed..) once. But it was a great game, with just me & Harold playing. I had hoped for more people, but for a 1st time it was a good turnout never the less, with Fields of Glory in 10mm), Flames of War (15mm), ACW (using Johnny Reb II in 15mm) and myself doing TS&TF in 28mm.

That fellow seems to be saying "Follow me and charge the Egyptians, it will be fun!" The scenario was taken from The Sword and The Flame Scenario Portfolio 2000, the one called "The Zareba". It is taken from the 1939 version of "The Four Feathers" and is the nigh time attack on the British zareba. Things get to close quarters quickly as the visibility is reduce to 8" (nighttime, no moon) and regular shooting scores are also only used up to 8". Over 8" everything is a Class IV target, the worst possible score to hit. worked out well and I am going to run this scenario at the February Con. I hope to play it again once or twice more to fine tune it, as per Harold's suggestion during the after game "How-did-it-go?" session. The game was to be for 9 turns, then the sun comes up and it's over. The Mahists didn't totally destroy the AE forces, but gave them a good thrashing, killing or wounding most of the British platoon, the rest fleeing, and reducing the cavalry to 6 figure out of 12. The Egyptians were not badly hurt (still well over half strength) and the Mahdists has lost 2 bands out of 5 (4 spear/sword armed & one rifle armed). One of the remaing FW bands was pretty chewed up (at 1/2) and the riflemen had just been charged in the rear but the remaining cavalry but still were on the table.
For more photos go to:
Lots to see there. Even tho it is Christmas Time, still have to get back to the little metal guys, my Sikhs need finishing, etc.

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