Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Stuff & The Zareba Round 2

New Stuff!

I got a couple of the "Battlefield in a Box" by Gale Force 9. One was the small rocky hills and 2 of the Large rocky hills. As the rocks come unflocked, I can make them up for use on my desert map. A little dry-brushing here and there, maybe some sand, should look fine.

The Zareba, Round 2
On Sunday, January 10, Harold and I had a "Sword & the Flame" game at my place, playing "The Zareba" again, so as to get it together for the gaming convenation next month. This time it wasn't so close as the game at Aero. In a 3 hour game, Harold, as the British drove off 2 Mahdist bands out of 5 off the board.

In this photo, 2 bands of Fuzzy Wuzzys move toward the zareba and the Egyptians defending it.

The British Cavalry, the 10th Hussars, did much more this game than last. As a bands of FW's appeared in front of the Hussars, also with the Emir who was in overall command. After a couple of turns, a charge by the cav and the dust settled, that band lost the melee and beening so close to the edge of the board routed off, taking the Emir with them! This put me, the Dervish player, ina bad spot as I had to make a "Critical Morale" roll ever turn just to move anyone. I missed the first roll, made the roll the next turn but it gave Harold a full turn to do whatever he wished and I could nothing about it. The Hussars were then charged by another band of Fuzzy's, who also lost the melee, and again, being so close to the edge of the board, routed off.

The last 2 Fuzzy Wuzzys melee the Hussars...Good Luck!

I was a good game and many possible problems were addressed, hopefully we will have one more game before the con. I also addressed the problem of marking the figures, so people know what figure belong to which unit/band/platoon. Leader & key infantry figures will be re-based on 25mm rounds, mounted Leaders on "pill" shaped bases (like for 40K bikes for Space Marines/Orks) as 30 or 40mm rounds would be, IMHO, too big. I am ordering more bases from Litko, and have to see how many more FW riflemen I need to make a unit. Also how many Leader figures I need for each Dervish band, if I don't have them now.

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