Friday, November 13, 2009

Point of Focus...

28th Bengal at Suakin 1885


Which is what is most important to me in my gaming right now. Which is Colonial gaming. Not that I don't like FoW, but after playing some Colonial stuff, I prefer it. Not sure why, but there it is. My primary gaming focus is going to be Colonial gaming, the Sudan and the North-Western Frontier. Maybe Boers later....

I got my order from The War Store, so now I have all the stuff I need to up-date my MW Italians with the MG's & 47mm ATG's now needed to add to my infantry platoons. I also got more Perry Miniatures - Mounted British Command, more Beja riflemen, British infantry and some Gordon Highlanders to buff up my British. As one of my current projects, the unit of Sikh's, is almost done, then I will start on my Italians. I need to finish the extra artillery staffs (need my 15mm maps) and then it's 47mm's & MG's galore!!!

I have started the horse for the unit of Hussar.


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