Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The rifle armed Ansar are done! 30 riflemen + 1 Command figure. I have 30 Ansar Spearmen left to do and then I am out of foot figures (I believe). I also have a a unit of Ansar camel cavalry to do, and I should do them next.

The above photo is of the 10th Hussars, and those I am working on now. Currently I am working on a unit of Sikh's but it has come to a stop temporarily as I try to figure out a khaki color I like. There are no hard & fast rule on the color. The figures in the photo has a darker khaki than some figures I have seen painted...

The photo of the Indian service dress appears a little greener than the 19th Hussars. Other figures I have seen are painted a "Buff" color, which might work for a British uniform as the dye was not as fast and batches varied. Anyway, it's off to Brookhurst to check on Tamiya's Khaki (XF49), which I might use.

I am running a TS&TF game on Adam's "Historical Gaming Day" on Sunday, December 13th at Aero Hobbies and using "The Zariba" scenario from the scenario package for TS&TF 20th Anniversary edition. I have everything right now, with the exception of I might need more stuff for the zariba. I'll use either moss or make bush stands out of that door mat I have...

I may run this one as well at the Con in February.


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