Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Played Warhammer Ancients!?!

Last weekend (10-18), on Sunday, I and Mark went to the HMGS Mini-Wars game Con in Glendale. I was hoping to play Rorke's Drift game listed, using "The Sword & the Flame". The gentlemen never appeared (nor did he reply to an e-mail I had sent earlier about the game) so Mark and myself decided to play the Warhammer Ancients "Dark Ages Battle" listed, run by some people we know.
The choices were playing Normans or Vikings, I went Viking & Mark went Norman. I was a great game and the Vikings won. Also most of the Viking players (including myself) also fulfilled our "secret" objectives. All in all, I enjoyed playing WAB but I am not running out to get a army.
My primary focus is still on the Colonial period, with WW2 (FoW) being secondary.
The Ansar riflemen should be finished this week, just need to do flesh touch-ups and "flock" the bases. After that, it's the turn of the Sikh's. I also want to finish all the half-done projects around me, including my Wargod's stuff, extra Italian Artillery staff, LOTR Warg Riders, and wounded/dead French Foreign Legion (left over from the Con). I am tried of see them on my workbench, undone.
I also want to get back to painting my 15mm stuff for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885", such as Egyptians, Ansar camel men, etc. to increase what I have to use with that game.
I also just got my copy of the re-print of the "Rough Rider" rules for the Spanish-American War and action in the Philippines (Moro's) from TVAG. Rules are OK, quality of printing isn't great. Trouble is that rules are written in the old style of "you know what I mean" style. Needs more examples and clearer writing style. Some ideas in it are good, but there are rules out now that do as good or better job than this set.

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