Monday, October 12, 2009

Been very busy. so let's start....

Last Sunday (October 4th) I ran a game of the The Sword & the Flame at Aero Hobbies. It went off better than I had hoped for, given the lack of e-mail response. I thought it would be just me and Mark, but Art & Myelin also wanted to play so I got to GM, which I wanted to do.

1st game Mark took the British, who managed to take on both units of Fuzzy-Wuzzies and cut them down to size. It went quickly, so when we got two more players (Frank & Sam?) I had 5 players for a 2nd game! So I gave the Anglo-Egyptian forces a small 10 man British unit & a full 20 man unit of Egyptians as well as a over CinC figure.

The forces of the Madhi got 3 full units, 2 Fuzzy-Wuzzy spear/sword units and a unit of Ansar riflemen. The FW's got a fairly well times attacked with both units attacking a single unit. The smaller 10 man British unit took the worst of the melees, as well as the attention of the riflemen on a nearby low hill who poured rifle fire into them, as well as hitting the FW unit charging into melee with the British they were firing at!!! (The Mahdi will NOT be pleased!)

In the end, the Anglo-Egyptian forces ran a FW unit off, but the British unit was down to 2 figures, who carried one wounded infantryman and their wounded Officer (possible VC? but they left all the other wounded to the tender mercies of the FW's) into the Egyptian unit, which had formed a square at this time. The square slowly back away off the board as it was felt they couldn't tackle the remaining Madhist's, a damaged unit of FW's and the riflemen, who at best I believe had lost 2 figures.

Overall, everyone had a great time and I did the Happy GW dance at how well it went!

On Sunday Oct. 11th, I went to the mini-con done by Brookhurst Hobbies/ St. Crispin's Irregulars of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society host Hobby Days at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Anaheim on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Not as much as the last time going on, but I decided to play in John's Multiplayer - Fight, Die & re-spawn Battletech game.
Spent the day doing that and had a great time blasting things (at least when I rolled well!) In the above photo were the Mech's I had, and I had fun with the small vehicle I also ran, The "Packrat", armed with a medium laser & SMR-6 missile pack. I got immobilized later, but after I had gotten a luck shot on a nearby Mech and damaged it's gyro. It failed to get up after falling down from that hit right in front of me, facing away. So I hit it with the missiles (laser was KO'd by then) and racked it up good! Have to play this again. Could even use the vehicle rules for the MATAAC stuff.....
Finished all but 5 of the wounded /dead Arab figures leftover from the Con. Also working on right now are the Ansar riflemen and Sikh figures. The riflemen should be done right quick, and I have had Tim make me a copy of 15mm maps for the 2 extra Italian Artillery Staff for FoW I am working on as well. I am getting the extra stuff I need to upgrade my FoW Italians to the new Afrika book for The War Store (have to send the order in!)
Busy Boy am I!

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