Monday, July 13, 2009

654. Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung

This is going to be my German Late War army for Flames of War. I might still build a generic Late War German Forces at a later date, but this list, found in Wargames Illustrated #261, is based around one of my favorite tanks, the Jagdpanther, with Stug assault guns in support. And I have gotten some of the vehicles I need already- 2 Jagdpanthers, 2 StuG G's and one Sd Kfz 7/1 (quad 20mm AA gun). This list is a small one and I can get all the variables without spending a fortune.

There is a book about the 654. Heavy tank Battlion (not cheap-$100.00) but lists all the forces, camo patterns, etc. used by this battlion, which fought the whole war. One nice thing about the 654th is they fought at Kursk and then were moved to France for R&R. So I could get the tanks needed to field the 654th at Kursk (lots of Elefants!) for Mid-War and use the other Normandy list for Late War. Double duty!
Had fun on Friday (July 10th) playing a FoW Mid-War lists at Aero. Due to who arrived with what it was Germans vs Germans + Italians. I ended up against Tim, which worked out OK, except I set-up some of my forces to cover both objectives on our side, and I was stretched too thin. I should have left the other objective to be protected by the other player on my side, but as he had little infantry, that is why I did it. Oh well........Game and learn!
Time to load the photos into Photobucket.
Also talked to Tim about re-starting the monthly games schedule. Howard had said something about it, and in a way his right. But this way we game play whatever we want (FoW, WAB, AWI, ect.) and Aero Hobbies would be a good central place to have many of the games, as we have more people than just us (Adam-Harold-Frank(s)-Art-Mark N, etc.) we could get to play. Have to talk to Harold and Mark S. in the next few days. This could get our gaming enthusiasm back up, as it has been on the wane of late.

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