Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Got Those FoW Late War Blues....

So what to some time I was going to build a generic Late War German Force for Flames of War. In the newest issue of Wargames Illustrated (#261) has a Late War German force -654. Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung (654th Heavy Tank-Hunter Battlion) in Normandy July 1944. Normally I would not use LW heavy tanks/assualt guns but this unit is built around one of my favorite vehicles of the war, the Jagdpanther (others are Hetzer and Jagdpanzer). It looks like fun, and not alot of vehicles as Jagdpanther Platoons are very expensive, points wise! Then you can get either Stug's or Marders for support, artillery and infantry. So I may get another copy of the magazine in order to cut the pages out of the article. JA!!

Here are some photos from my Workbench. Some female ganger types (Void figures) I got with a female GW Necromonda gang some time ago. the rest of the gang are still being worked on. Next are some of the Askari French Foreign Legion figures (Officer & two Legionnaire's) I am painting and the next 2 are Redneck Militia figures that are 50% done. MUST PAINT MORE!!
The French Foreign Legion are about 50% done and I have to order the mounted Old Glory Arabs and dead/wounded FFL & Arabs.
I also picked up the new Flames of War "Mid-War Monster" book/codex/whatever. Has a couple of things that will help my Italians out, if I can use them.
Looks like there is going to be a FoW game at Aero Hobbies on Friday so I need to bring my Italian's as it appears top be a Mid-War battle.


  1. How many Jagdpanthers do you need? I happen to have two that I don't need...


  2. At best maybe 5. 3 for 1 full platoon and 2 for the Command vehicles. Also need a Panther A and 3 Stugs. I'll take the 2 Jagdpanthers. Are they Battlefront?

    Also got a copy of "Mid-War Monsters". Italians get P-40's (The Italian Sherman) and the Semovente 75/32. Both get the improved 75mm gun so their AT goes up to 10. SWEET!

    Also a copy of the new Osprey book, "Roosevelt Rough Riders".