Thursday, January 8, 2009

Entry for January 08, 2009


Christmas and my back problems (mostly) are over. My German Anti-Tank guns (PaK 38 5cm) for my Italian Army are done. I've started on my L6/40 Light Tanks and Semovente 47/32. I can paint them all at once as all the vehicles are the same color. Then..maybe the Italian 88's or maybe some aircraft....

I found out my list for PITS 1885 wasn't finished so I am working on more Fuzzy-Wuzzies & British & Mahdists Command stands to finish it out. That is nearly done. Then maybe some PP Mahdists mounted on Camels, which I've started but not finished. And I have to work on my 28mm figs as well. I've some Brits 50% done that need finishing. I've done one as a test for using Buff for the leather instead of white and using a Flesh Wash on it to simulate dyed leather (with either Tea or Coffee). I have 2 mounted Amirs ready to be painted. Then get my rifle armed OG Mahdists up & running. Maybe some of the OG Ansar as well. I have to get the machine running up to speed again.


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