Monday, January 19, 2009

Entry for January 19, 2009

Quick update.......

Finished everything I need to run PITS with the list I have. Extras to follow. (Mounted Beja on Camels, Egyptians, etc.) Started on my Italian Demolisher (Pioneer) Platoon. All mounted on sticks, primed, flesh and helmets painted. Included are the 3 Flamethrower teams on extra stands, those figures are Battlefront and the 2 infantry with each FT are Peter Pig (so it's 3 figs/stand).

My 28mm OG Ansar swordsmen are underway. Primed and the white on the robes are now applied. shields are being primed. 3 test figures are being done. They are almost finished.


(Photo from Call of Duty-World at War)

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