Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry for December 17, 2008

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and I've gotten over the gribblies (and the loss of my cat Sara has gotten better), I've been getting stuff done. My German PaK 38 5.0cm ATG's are almost finished. I did the basing today, and hopefully it will dry and harden by tomorrow. With the very cold & rainy weather of the last 2 days, paint, glue, etc. doesn't like to work well as the temperature's are really low, more so in the evenings. The heater just doesn't help when the night time temp gets down into the 40's.

The nest FoW project will be doing my Italian L6/40 light tanks and Semonvente 47/32's. As the paint job is the same for both, doing them together is the proper thing to do.
My 15mm Colonials are in high gear, painting more Fuzzy-Wuzzies and British Officers to get what I have in shape to play with. Hopefully I can play a game of PITS (Patrols in theSudan 1882) with Harold on Friday. Tried to have a game last Sunday but Denise was sick, so I thought it might not be good for Harold to come by.

I am working on my 28mm figs as well, a group of British Infantry right now. I also have a set of 3 mounted Amirs to do as well.


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