Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Entry for August 21, 2007

I got my Old Glory Colonials today...PISS CORNS! They are a "Husky" 25mm (abit bigger) than the Ral Partha 25mm and quite unusable together. So a Executive Decision will have to made soon on whether I stick with the Ral Partha Figures (Better casting but not as "Husky" as Old Glory) or to go with the Old Glory, which are not as good a casting but match up better with more current figure lines. I matched the OG Brits vs the Askari Pathan and they matched up well together. I have to see if RP has enough figures in their lines to make it worth my while to use them. Cost wise, they are about the same right now (.85 vs .80/fig), with OG's on sale at The War Web.

My FoW JP 47mm ATG are 90% finished, the 20mm AA crew are on the way and most of the palm trees I have (ordered from a cake decorator shop "Babycakes" and received VERY QUICKLY) are 90% done as well, as are the larger Palm Trees for 28mm figs. On Sunday i went to Tim's and we got the game board we had talked about make well on it's way, with it's edges attached and the sand for texture glues on. Next set is painting it in earth tones and adding flocking.


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