Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entry for August 14, 2007

My other Colonials should be in a couple of days. I e-mailed The War Web and they said they are on the way. After comparing them to Ral Partha (I hope they are a reasonable match) I can fully plan out my 25mm Colonial Forces.

So for the time being, I plan to stick with WWII 15/25mm and Colonial in 15/25mm as well as my primary periods. That's it. Just paint those Romans to sell for Tim will be my only side project. I am packing and moving everything else out of the way for the time being.
As far as our project for the Con, we have 17 days till the Con, and during that time, 2 weekends. I don't give much for finishing it before the Con, but finish it on time or not, I still want to do it. Build the game board and the whole 9 yards. If we can't get it done for September, then we could do it for February. And we can still just play the bloody game for fun of it as well. Harold is getting better day by day and we can play with him as well.

So tomorrow it's back to the salt mines,to finish my 47mm ATG, and then the 20mm AA guns. Then the Artillery Command Staff stand & then I believe my Japanese as per the list I did are done.


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