Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Returning to Gaming

  Now that the holidays are over and some of the "real world" has calmed down, I am hoping to get back to gaming again.

  The February war gaming convention. Orccon 2014 has come & gone at a new hotel, the LAX Hilton, for next 3 years it looks like. It's a great new place to have a con at with more room and 100% better lighting! As I just couldn't my head are doing something new, I went ahead and did something I had already done, Osgiliath using Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game rules. I had everything already together and ready to go, so it was a no brainer.

  I had 3 people on Saturday and 6 (!!) on Sunday almost all of them had never played a miniatures game before. So things took a little longer, but both days everyone said the had a great time and gave me some great feedback on how to improve my Con games (which I always want to do). So on to some pictures!


 Good view of the table Turn 2

 Another view of the table

 Gondor defends the entrance to sewers so Sam & Frodo might have a change to escape

More Orcs pile into the melee and snipe from surrounding ruins (Orcs however, are poor bow shots!)

 The Orcs push the Warriors of Gondor back, Orcrish banner bearer aiding their fight

The Orc Captain Hurg  smashes Gondorians to get at the Ranger Damrod

 The battle continues around the sewer grate

 Gondorian Warriors move around a flank as the Orc Captain Hurg continues his attack!

 Gollum attacks Sam - Almost kills him but Frodo sadly kills him with a Gondorian Warrior next turn to protect his friend.

The Gondorian forces are almost spent and Orc reinforcements are almost there - Good loses this one
  The objectives for the Good forces were to get Sam & Frodo down the sewer grate and away (a Good Win) - If just Frodo escapes it is a draw and the Evil forces win if Frodo is slain or 2 Good Heroes before Sam & Frodo escape. Not sure how Sam & Frodo were going to get into Mordor's hidden paths without Gollum (no AAA maps available I'm sure).
I took a lot more photos of Sunday which I will post nest time!



  1. A cracking looking game, I love the set up too.

  2. Thank You! If nothing else, I always try to have a great looking game board.