Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Orccon 2014 Sunday LOTR Game

As promised, photos from the Sunday game - which look alot like the Saturday ones I am afraid...

 Forces of Mordor set up for the attack

 Evil players plan their next move....

 Archery line of Rangers hold the road while armored warriors attempt to flank the orcs

Damrod leads the Gondorian Rangers


The Orc Captain Bosk leads his forces as Gondorian archery downs one orc

Can we come on yet?  NO! Not till turn 4

For some reason a battle started over these ruins - You can see Gondorian Warriors moving up through the doorway

Orcs under cover from archery fire. During the first part of this game the Good Forces archery was telling

Faramir leads Fordo, Sam and Gollum (hidden in this shot) forward

A long shot of the table as the orc reinforcements move up

A fight for the sewer entrance begins. The battle for those ruins (bottom right) continues

The Gondorian Captain Cerik leads his men against the orcs..

"FORWARD!!! For Gondor!!!"

Good forces are pushing the orcs back, away from the grate

Fordo & Sam move up, hoping to make their escape from Osgiliath

The way is almost clear...

The fighting is furious and unyielding

"MY PRECIOUS!!! GIVES IT TO US!" Gollum makes his move

And Gollum lost that fight, so Frodo & Sam move away, leaving Gollum to his sad end...."NASTY HOBBITS, FILTHY BAGGINS, WE HATES IT....(sound of swords hitting flesh)"

Nice shot of some Gondorian Rangers

The gate is almost clear....

But the Orc reinforcement finally make it up to the battle! 

 The players called it at the end of this turn (long game and people were getting hungry) that the forces for Gondor couldn't keep the grate clear long enough for Sam AND Frodo to get clear so Frodo put on the ring, sang "Happy Trails to you" to Sam and made it away into the sewer for a draw. (Note to self - Keep notes on Con games) Once again, most of the players had never played a miniatures game (just board games) but all said they enjoyed it and had a good time, which makes it all worth while!


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