Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where did November go?

The real world ate it, along with a 2 week cold and Thanksgiving and my wedding anniversary, etc. So on to my brief update.
  Why what's that you say? It Minas Tirith! Yes it is. Due to time and monetary issues I will have to postpone Osgiliath to a Con later in 2013, May or September. I just need more ruined buildings than I thought and to construct or buy them is not an option right now. But, having a clever thought now and then, I always save a copy of the scenario and all other notes to a disk plus hard copies of rosters and such in a folder. So I have a copy of everything I need should I wish to dust off an old game and run it again, which I will do in this case.

                                             "And I will be there to defend the city!"

      Indeed you will, oh Lord of the Nazgul! As will be Gandalf. This scenario I have found to be a popular one, as you have Gandalf, a Nazgul, Troll, and lots of other fun things to run. And using seige towers and trebuchets to knock down walls is a hoot too! In the mean time I plan to figure what to do about the ruined building problem.

    And now for something completely different, 2 plastic 28mm Russians from Plastic Soldier Company, part of a couple of squads I am doing for Bolt Action, which has taken off at the local hobby store. The quality of the figure is OK, cost is good and they look aright. I just need to finish some 15mm ACW figures I am doing for someone so I can fully concentrate of getting these done so I have my own squad to play will.


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