Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Up?

Long Time...No Blog! Anyway, I have gotten so stuff done. Above are 2 photos of the WWI German Askari's I have finished for the "TANGA 1914" project.

   And here are 2 shots of my WWI German Askari NCO's.  These and the infantry figure are form  Brigade Miniatures - Great War in Africa line. I quite like them! Now I have to finish my German infantry and German NCOs. Once those are done I will them do my British (I got both sides !)

I seem not to have take photos of the village/farmer types I painted up for Lord of the Rings. I will try to have shots of them in the future. And speaking of LOTR, that is what I am running in a couple of weeks at the May games convention - Strategicon - GAMEX 2012 (May 25th-28th). It will be Haleth's Steading -
and the description is as follows - Urk-Hai & Orcs from Isengard are rampaging throughout the Westfold! Come and play as Rohan and defend Haleth's Steading from the forces of Isengard, who seek to slay everyone at the farm in the name of the White Hand! Or play the Forces of Evil, rout the forces of Rohan and take the Steading for Saruman and Isengard! All players are welcome, novice or experienced. There will a few farmers to save or slay, depending on which side you play. The playtesting went well, and it should be a good game. And here are a few photos of that playtest...
                                               Uruks and Orcs attack the rear of the farm...

The Forces of Isengard advance!

                                                       The Men of Rohan stand ready!
                                                The battle at the rear wall grow more intense!
                                                   MEN OF ROHAN STAND FAST!!!
                                                  "AAAHHH! The Orcs are over the wall..."
                                                                  A last line of defense
                                                                 The Last Stand!

   In the playtest the forces of Isengard won but the Rohan archery rolls were terrible.  Arrows, arrows everywhere but in our enemies! Hopefully at the Con the dice rolls will be better, but that's how it goes!

   More again soon!



  1. Those NCOs look amazing, really impressive! Great looking game too, I've always had a soft spot for anything Tolkien inspired.

  2. Thanks! I hope to have a lot of pictures after the Con and I will post some here and the rest on Photobucket.