Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Photos- Villager/Farmers

Here are some photos of the villager/farmer types for my LOTR games
Pitchfork (looks more like a salad fork) & Staff + Sword

 2 children - one with a sling and the other with his hobby horse (what else would a Rohan child have?)

 2 of the women folk- one with bucket of water and the other, a stern motherly type

                                  Child throwing rock and a man running around screaming (HELP!!)
This is a Magic-User with staff but makes a good old man w/walking stick/staff

   All of these figures are from Mega Miniatures USA - http://www.megaminis.com/ I got them via the on-line store. No. they are not the best figures out there, but they are cheap! The child with a sling with be allowed to fire it (Range: 8"/ 5+/ hit-Str 2) and the child with the stone can throw it (Range: 6"/ 6/hit-Str 1). Neither may move and fire. The gentleman with the pitchfork can use it, but his FightValue is 1. However, the idea is to keep them alive so using them as front-line fighters isn't a good idea. But the kids could throw/shoot from inside the building.



  1. They do have bags of character though! Love the hobby horse child.

    1. Me too. When I saw it I could not resist it.