Friday, October 22, 2010

Prototype telegraph poles - One is on a 1.5" washer and the other is a 1.25" washer.

The last of the Pathans

Some of them in a GW movement tray used for "War of the Ring" Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (the mass battles). This might work well to move masses of native figures

Another view of Pathans in the GW WotR movement base

At least, the last 20 Pathans are done!!!
So they are done, now I need to get the telegraph poles attached to the bases, which I will do with my trusty hot-glue gun. The Gatling Gun is almost finished. I attached a small metal plate on it so I can just attach the figure that is firing it via a small rare earth magnet attached to his seat. This way I can use the same gun for the Sudan with it's Naval Gun crew or in the North-West Frontier with a different crew. I still need to get another Gardner Gun sometime for the British. 2 Gardner's, one Gatling Gun and a as-yet-unpainted screw gun, the Anglo-Egyptian forces should have enough artillery/MG's.
I am also working on my Mid-War Italians, doing up the extra 47mm ATG's that are integral to the infantry platoons. I didn't have any more ammo boxes that are for these guns, so I ordered some from The War Store. They just look "wrong" without the right ammo boxes.
I also may be spending some $$$ at Black Tree Designs to order some Daleks (Doctor Who) as they might not have them much longer. It's just the !@#@! things are expensive! But to have a game with them and say "Exterminate!" all the time..

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