Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Pathans!

Now that the game Con-Gateway - is over, I am returning to finishing the Pathans and everything else I need for the scenario, now scheduled for the February 2011 (Orccon 2011)
Here are a few photos from the con....
Shot from the Warhammer Ancient Battles
Photos from my game "The Zareba" Saturday night -The British and Egyptians form a square

The Zareba burns away at one corner

Last stand of the British Hussars-standing fast against the Dervish

"Elephant Hunt"-Harold's 15mm FOW game. I played it and as the Germans I stood off and destroyed the Russians who are in this shot trying to "close assault" my elephants.

Stalag 9 and the hunt for the SturmFrappenZooter. Great board!

Between the Wars-China

"Check Your 6"

Agincourt - 28mm - Piquet:Band of Brothers Rules

"Folgore!"-Adam's Flame of War Game-15mm-Friday night-2nd Battle of El Alamein, Played in that and had a blast!!!
I'll have to post more photos at Photobucket. Anyway, I have returned to my Pathans and today gave 20 of the last 40 figures their wash in Army Painter Quickshade. That should dry nicely over-night and I can apply the basing material, give them their coat of flat finish and then touch-up the swords, etc. with silver. Then add some flocking to some of the bases and "Bob's Your Uncle" for them. Then it's the last 20 which shouldn't take too long and then the Pathans are done!!
All that will be left is the telegraph poles and the Gatling gun and it's crew. Building selection will then begin and hopefully play testing in October. And then I will be ready for February 2011. And as for May...maybe a Lord of the Rings game or maybe, as Tim suggested, a 50's monster movie game...I do have all those giant scorpions...

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